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  • ADM Morning Grain Comments 7/20/17

    Good Morning,

    As of 7:10 AM

    Corn: SEP17 +2’6 @ 385’2; DEC17 +2’6 @ 399’0

    Beans: AUG17 +5’2 @ 1005’0; NOV17 +6’0 @ 1018’4

    Wheat: SEP17 -2’6 @ 500’2

    Crude: JULY17 +1.02 @ 47.53

    July 20, 2017 by Steve Freed 

    Grains are mixed. SX is up 8 cents and near 10.21. CZ is up 4 cents and near 4.01. WU is down 1 cent and near 5.02. US Dollar is higher. Crude is higher. Gold is lower.

    Chinese Ag futures (September) were down 4 yuan in soybeans, up 2 in corn, up 3 in soymeal, up 56 yuan in soyoil, and up 64 in palm oil. The Malaysian palm oil market was up 52 ringgit at 2,577, basis October, on stronger export demand figures from private surveyors.

    Overnight US Midwest rains were in parts of SD, S MN, S WI and N IL. Currently there is big/loud rains in N IL.

    The Midwest US weather forecast saw no major changes with rains generally falling in northern regions of the Midwest the next 2 to 3 days, mainly dry for the south; the weekend looks dry with the 6-10 day forecast seeing rains again in northern sections of the Midwest with, the potential for some activity in the southern and central sections of Indiana and Ohio.

    The Northern U.S. Plains forecast has periodic precip for the region over the next 5 days with no widespread/soaking rains seen; the 6-10 day sees close to average rainfall in the east, limited activity in the west.

    The 11-16 Day forecast has ridging in the Plains producing above average temps and limited rainfall for those areas; average temps and average to below average precip is seen for the Midwest and Delta.

    Weekly US wheat export sales are est near 250-600 mt, corn 350-750 mt and old crop soybeans 100-300 mt. Sales could also include 1,300-1.800 mt new crop soybean sales due to China signing frame contracts.

    Funds bought 10,000 soybeans, 3,000 soymeal, 3,000 soyoil and 10,000 corn and sold 1,000 wheat on Wednesday. Funds are est to be short 6,000 soybeans, short 11,000 soymeal, long 41,000 soyoil, long 67,000 corn and long 7,000 wheat.

    Support Resistance

    Nov Beans 1005 1025

    Sep Bean Oil 33.50 34.00

    Sep Meal 327 332

    Dec Corn 390 405

    Sep CGO Wheat 495 510

  • Agrotain Field Study

  • Lawn Seed and Fertilizer

    Let Muscatine Ag help you achieve that beautiful, lush green lawn that everyone will envy. We carry a large variety of lawn seed and lawn fertilizer.


  • High Clearance Dry Spreader Now Available


    The 2014 custom side-dress was a huge success! So if you are considering side-dressing, whether we custom apply or you use a cart, a blend of urea/AMS is a great fit for this program. Give us a call so we can get you scheduled on our list.

    Some of the field friendly benefits are a 60 or 90 foot spread. This means fewer trips across the field and less turns on the end rows, not to mention the time savings!

  • Cover Crops

    Cover Crops!!
    As we rapidly approach the harvest season, cover crops are front and center of possible winter soil building for next years crops.
    Nutrient retention throughout the fall and winter months is the hallmark of fields utilizing cover crops, along with providing organic matter and erosion control.

    Getting Started
    Your management goals will play an important role in helping you decide which cover crop to use and how you manage it. For example:
    • Grasses utilize more soil nitrogen.
    • Legumes use both nitrogen and phosphorus.
    • Deep rooted species provide maximum nutrient recovery.
    • Species like rye will produce high volumes of organic matter if allowed to grow longer in the spring.
    • To maximize weed suppression, leave cover crop residues on the soil surface to maximize allopathic (chemical) and mulching (physical) effects.
    • Select species (i.e. oilseed, radish) that have a large tap root to help alleviate compaction problems.
    Because each cover crop performs differently you may want to consider mixtures of two or more species.
    Muscatine Ag is actively working with growers to provide specialized cover crop seeds and applications!
    If you are considering making cover crops part of your agronomy program, stop in or call us and let us assist you with the identifying of the right Cover Crop seed combination.
    Want your Cover Crop custom applied? Give us a call!!

  • Small Seed

    Muscatine Ag would like to be your small seed supplier for waterway seed, pasture mixes, oats, alfalfa, grasses, legumes and lawn seed. We also carry several types of lawn fertilizer.


  • New Hours

    Effective December 1, 2014 Muscatine Ag will implement new hours:

    Monday - Friday - 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM


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